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Abdul B. Smart Plant Administration and 3D Modelliing
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I am Abdul Basit Mechanical Engineer and Expert in Smart Plant Engineering Application Administration.I can provide services in 

                –Smart Plant Applications Databases Administration Services

      –3D Modelling and Engineering Services

      –Drafting and Digitization Services

      –Domain Administration and IT HelpDesk Support

-System Administration for PDS.

o   Client/Server setup of PDS.

o   Oracle Installation, Database Creation.

o   PDS Project Creation.

o   PDS Project Restoration.

o   PDS Archival Management.


-Smart Plant Administration (Smart 3D)

o   Client/Server setup of Smart 3D

o   Oracle Installation, Database Creation

o   S3D Project Creation

o   S3D database Users Creation

o   Users Rights Management in S3D Project Management

o   Name Generator and Batch Server Installation and Configuration

o   S3D Backup Creation and Task Scheduling

o   S3D database Restoration


-Smart Plant Tools Administration

                (Smart Instrumentation (SI), Smart Electrical (SEL), Smart PID (SPID))

o   Client/Server setup of Smart Plant Tools

o   Oracle Installation, Database Creation

o   Smart Plant Tools Project Creation.

o   Smart Tools Backup management and Restoration

o   Setup of Work share Environment for SPID and Publishing thedrawings from     


Initializing SPI Domain

      -Defining Users, Domain Administrator, access rights, plant hierarchy definitions

      -Import utility

      -Instrument index

      -Spec sheets

      -Hookups templates preparation on Smart sketch

      -Hookups generation

      -Instrument wiring diagram

      -I/O terminations and configurations

      -Instrument loop diagram (Enhances smart loop and cad generation methods) 

      -PSR files customization in Info-maker

      -Calculation of Orifice plate sizes through calculation module

      -Control valve sizing

Development of Process Engineering Drawings PIDs

      Creation of Site Server, Plant Structure and integration of SPPID in SmartPlant Engineering Manager.

      Template development/ importing AutoCAD template using SmartSketch

      Modification/Creation of symbols and line styles/patterns as per client/project Legend using Catalogue Manager & Line Style Editor, including Parametric Symbols.

      Maintaining Drawing Revision record using Drawing Manager

      Generation of reports (Line List, Equipment List etc) as per project template using SPPID.

      Updating/Addition of properties of missing symbols/lines in SmartPlant Data Dictionary Manager.

      Customization of Data Dictionary Manager in accordance with project requirements.

      Addition of filters in SmartPlant Filter Manager.

      Customization of SmartPlant Options Manager.

      Customization of formats (Line Number, Tag Number, OPC etc) in Catalogue Manager.

      Checking, Data Entry and removing Inconsistencies in the drafted P&IDs.


-Engineering Applications License Server Management

o   Autodesk Products License User Management

o   Bentley Connect Licensing User Management

o   Intergraph Smart License Manager Configuration

o   TEKLA/Aspen and Engineering Software Client Installation and Configuration

-3D Modelling in Plant Design System (PDS)

-3D Modelling in Smart 3D (S3D)

-3D Modelling in TEKLA

         -Smart P&ID’s Development in Smart PID Solutions (SPID)

          -Drafting and Digitization Services in AutoCAD and MicroStation

2D & 3D Modeling2D Drafting

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