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  • Ahmad R.

    Programming United States (US)

    18 years experience | 0 projects worked | 100.00€/hr | 0€ earned


  • Heinrich G.

    Project Manager Croatia

    17 years experience | 0 projects worked | 60.00€/hr | 0€ earned

  • Abdul B.

    Smart Plant Administration and 3D Modelliing Pakistan

    18 years experience | 0 projects worked | 26.00€/hr | 0€ earned


    I am Abdul Basit Mechanical Engineer and Expert in Smart Plant Engineering Application Administration.I can provide services in 

                    –Smart Plant Applications Databases Administration Services

          –3D Modelling and Engineering Services

    [ [click to read more...]]
  • Piotr L.

    Mechanical Engineer United Kingdom (UK)

    16 years experience | 0 projects worked | 35.00€/hr | 0€ earned

    Hydraulic engineer with more than 12 years of experience in Oil and Gas industry. P&ID, BOM, manufacturing.

    Aditional, 4 years in 3d printing hydraulic parts and prototyping.

  • Sawjanya K.

    Water Wastewater Engineer United Arab Emirates (UAE)

    11 years experience | 0 projects worked | 70.00€/hr | 0€ earned

    chemical engineering woth water. reclaimed water treatment design 

  • Ehsan S.

    senior electrical design engineer Iran

    15 years experience | 0 projects worked | 20.00€/hr | 0€ earned

    Qualified electrical engineer with 14 years’ experience and following abilities:• Super professional in power systems simulation & analysis through the proficient use of network simulation software packages (DIGSILENT, PSCAD/EMTDC, ETAP)• Experienced in Substation design, Cable sizing, Motor starting and Power Transformer Design Review with specific [ [click to read more...]]

  • Diego Q.


    0 years experience | 0 projects worked | 0€ earned

    My name is Diego Quiluango Herrera. I am young professional who is passionated with what I do. To be petroleum engineer is more than to be another professional . I consider this career fabulous because in this field I be able to manage energy. 

  • Ana C.

    2D/3D Designer Bolivia

    1 year experience | 0 projects worked | 7.00€/hr | 0€ earned

    I am an engineer that has worked in 4 different countries. I hold a certification in Autocad an I am thrilled to start this new endeavour as a 3D designer. The following are some samples of my work. Looking forward to work with entrepeneurial and [ [click to read more...]]

  • Bdsz18 .

    Flow Metering and Instrumentation Engineer Netherlands

    4 years experience | 0 projects worked | 25.00€/hr | 0€ earned

    Metering and instrumentation Engineer, with experience in testing and certification of flow meters, flow computers and flow metering systems for liquids and gases according to European and international standards like MID and OIML.

    Advance knowledge of flow algorithms for and gas and liquid like API [ [click to read more...]]

  • Syed Z.

    Civil Engineer Qatar

    8 years experience | 0 projects worked | 35.00€/hr | 0€ earned

    Dear, As I have more than 8 years of experience in Various Construction Projects. Presently I’m Working as a Precast Production Engineer– Civil in Madre Integrated at Lusail Stadium Project & Wakrah Stadium. And my previous Co. was Arabian Technical Services(Al Jaber), worked as a QA/QC Engineer posted seconded [ [click to read more...]]

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